List of services we provide, information here.

  • Supply, installation and repair of Analog CCTV Camera systems
  • Supply, installation, repair and monitoring of Security Alarm systems
  • Supply, installation and repair of Card Access systems

Security Systems, Camera Systems, Card Access Systems, Medical Response Systems – Service: Supply, Installation, Maintenance and Repair. On Guard Security Ltd services Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba Canada.

On Guard Security Inc. Contact:

As services and experience continue to expand, so do the regions covered by On Guard Security Inc.  On Guard now has offices in the following cities

  • Calgary AB – Head office
  • Edmonton AB
  • Okotoks AB
  • Moose Jaw SK
  • Regina SK
  • Yorkton SK
  • Brandon MB
  • Winnipeg MB
  • Calgary Alberta
  • Edmonton Alberta
  • Okotoks Alberta
  • Moose Jaw Saskatchewan
  • Regina Saskatchewan
  • Yorkton Saskatchewan
  • Brandon Manitoba
  • Winnipeg Manitoba

On Guard Security Inc. provides the necessary services to secure your property from beginning to end.

Supply: On Guard Security offers a wide range of products including wireless options.  We supply reliable, quality products with a Life time Warranty.

Installation: Have the installation and programming done right by our trained professionals. Contact us to book an installation date.

Maintenance & Repair: As per the Life time Warranty, our technicians will service damaged equipment

Monitoring: On Guard Security Inc. provides 24/7 hour monitoring.