Security systems help to prevent and deter break-ins, theft and invasion of your home or business. For decades security systems have insured the safety of millions of properties around the world. Recent technology has helped to greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of security systems, and now homes and businesses can arm and monitor their systems from mobile devices, tablets and personal computers. Click here to learn more about our Security Systems.



CCTV systems deter intruders and shoplifters, and help to identify perpetrators. The ability to instantly gain visual access to key parts of a property can be vital, and with advances in technology CCTV and wireless camera systems are becoming more and more effective, with infra-red low light technology, cellphone connectivity that allows you to check your camera feeds from anywhere, higher image resolution and many more useful features that increase your network of protection.

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Personal Emergency Response Systems are a vital system for anyone who is vulnerable to accidents, whether due to illness or age-related health problems. Allowing for instant communication with our dedicated, caring operators who are available 24/7, the PERS enables an instant line of communication to help, and we can then either contact a relative or dispatch an ambulance to your location as required, ensuring that when you need someone there, you're not left alone. Click here to find out more about our PERS products



Card Acces systems help to physically secure your building against intruders by replacing standard key locks with advanced card-based lock systems. Card Access Systems are much harder to break into and have a variety of features to enhance security measures. Cards can be programmed and reprogrammed, users tracked and much more, meaning that a building with a Card Access system has much more than a simple lock on the door - it has a complex entry control system. To find out more about our Card Access Systems, click here.