Security Systems Services

Protect your property and loved ones with security for your Home or Business.  Security systems are vital in ensuring total monitored protection, all day and all night. On Guard Security proudly services Security Systems across Western Canada. 

Our goal is to secure your property to your desire. May that be with several door detectors, motion detectors or an other security features/products. Our optimum products con-inside with our quality of service.

First On Guard Security provides aid for each customer to find the correct security system to best suit their needs. Packages makes for deal and we love to see out customers happy with a deal.

Once Security System owners, we will provide the Installation. This ensures the equipment is placed and programmed properly for easy use. Installation takes approximately 6 hours to 1 day on a regular house hold security system. This time may vary due to security system package and attachments.

Monitoring commences once the security system is installed. Monitoring is a 24/7 service. If the alarm were to be triggered a message would be sent to an operator who will deal with the situation appropriately. First a call with be made to the property owners, making them aware of the triggered alarm. If not a false alarm, the authorities will be contacted by the monitoring service.

Reparation of security systems products is another On Guard Security specialty. We happily provide a Life time warranty on Security systems products and repair damaged equipment.


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