Fire Alarm Monitoring

Wireless Fire Kit

Kit Includes:

  • Hybrid wireless control panel
  • Large Red cabinet with transformer pre-mounted
  • 64 zone keypad
  • Cellular Communicator

Fire Alarm Monitors contact the correct emergency personal in the event of a fire. Fire alarm monitors connect to regular fire alarm or sprinkler systems.

Using a Cellular Communicator, the fire alarm monitor does not need a land-line phone connection. The emergency message is transmitted from the communicator to emergency services once a smoke detector,heat detector, water flow or pull station is activated.

On Guard Security are experienced Fire Monitoring service providers. Installing a Fire Alarm systemFlexiSIGN-PRO - premium fire - local fire decals - mar09 is a good start, but any Fire Alarm system must be monitored in order to ensure that any alarm signals are responded to quickly and efficiently.

Our staff will assess the situation within seconds, dispatching either a technical engineer or the fire department directly to your location, as well as calling the contact specified by the client in order to warn them of the situation and collect potentially life-saving information.

On Guard Security offers the best price for dependable Fire Monitoring services. Our standard rate is unbeatable!

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