Security Systems

On Guard Security Systems are advanced and reliable, using only cutting-edge technology offered at market-leading prices. 

We offer a range of pre-made packages which offer affordable, dependable protection, and we also offer tailor-made solutions to suit any home, public building or business property. Below is one of our typical product packages - our starter "Zero-Down" package.

To purchase one of our systems, or for further information on our products, packages, systems and services, call us on (403) 995-1260 or send an email to [email protected]


1x Control Panel

1x Keypad

3x  Door Contact Detector

1x Motion Detector

Battery + Decals

Free installation

$0 CAD

Our Zero-Down package is our standard wired home security package. With four detection devices to ensure that multiple entry points are secured, as well as a user-friendly keypad system, the Zero-Down package can keep your home safe with no installation cost. Once our technicians have installed the system, you pay only $24.95 per month for our On Guard Monitoring system, meaning that your security system will be connected to our monitoring center who will then inform you, your named contacts, and/or the police department in the event of an intrusion, as well as ensure that your system is running smoothly and correctly at all times.

The Zero-Down package is a great starter package, giving your property a first line of defence against any unwanted intrusions. Upgrades or additional devices can be purchased and added to the system to expand and fortify protection.



Security System

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