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On Guard Card Access Systems

On Guard Security offers reliable Card Access systems which can be used to limit access to sensitive or private areas.

Control restricted areas with Card access secured doors at home or at the office. Card use is simple and reliable. Add and Remove cards when needed in order to best regulate authorized card holders.

Reduce the worry of lost or stolen keys with a Card Access system, cards may be deactivated. This saves the stress from the card being use by unauthorized persons.

On Guard Security supplies, installs and services Card Access Systems.


When deciding security devises for your property, Card Access Systems make great choices. They are user-friendly and a fine way to control permitted entries.

On Guard Security Inc. installs Card Access System professionally and with efficacy. The installation process is simple, duration of installation varies upon product. Once the Card Access System is install, one of our trained technicians will demonstrate the usages and features of the system. This way we work together on your security.

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Card Access system supplier

So your property needs a Card Access system?

? On Guard has more than a decade’s experience in protecting homes, businesses and property by providing effective, affordable security solutions.

We install systems such as CCTV networks, motion detectors, door contacts, keypads, control boards, card access systems, alarm systems and medical emergency communicators. We carry out supply, installation, maintenance and repair for burglar alarms, home security and more.

If you need to protect your property, such as a home, retail center or business facility, from criminal activity, then talk to On Guard Security today. We have plenty of experience in protecting properties and installing a security camera is the single best way to deter burglars. Having a security camera outside can help prevent or identify burglars.

On Guard Security covers Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, offering professional quality at local prices. Our experienced staff operate out of offices in the following cities

  • Calgary AB – Head  Office
  • Edmonton AB
  • Okotoks AB
  • Moose Jaw SK
  • Regina SK
  • Yorkton SK
  • Brandon MB
  • Winnipeg MB

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We operate across Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan 24/7 to keep people and property safe throughout the region.

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