Camera Security Systems

On Guard Security offers a wide range of high-tech camera systems, a valuable security tool for any property owner. We offer wired CCTV systems for clients who want a permanent, heavy-duty install and wireless systems for a more fluid, adjustable camera network. Many of our camera systems can even be connected to your smartphone with a downloadable app.

We offer a variety of packages, alongside upgrades and system options to ensure that your camera system suits your specific needs. Below is an example of one of our standard CCTV packages.

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1X  DVR recorder four channel

2x  Bullet Cameras

1X  LCD Monitor 19”

+2 On Guard Security decals 

Free installation by experienced technicians

$1799.95 CAD

The CCTV Standard Package is the quickest, and simplest, way to add wired CCTV protection to your property, including two high resolution Bullet Cameras with infra-red low-light capability, a DVR recorder which can support 1-4 cameras at once which leaves room for expanding your CCTV coverage at a later date, and a 19" LCD monitor to combine the camera feeds onto one high definition screen. Everything you need to install this system, along with the actual installation, is included in the price and our average install time for a wired system of this type is only a matter of hours.