Fire Protection

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Fire Protection.

We provide the following services:

Fire Protection, extinguisher, Protection, Extinguishers, Sprinklers and Services in Calgary and Alberta. We also provide Fire Alarm Services andInspections. We service Moose Jaw, Regina, Yorkton Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Brandon Manitoba.

fire extinguisher

fire extinguisher

We cover Calgary Alberta.

We cover Edmonton Alberta

We cover Regina Saskatchewan.

We cover Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.

We cover Yorkton Saskatchewan.

We cover Winnipeg Manitoba.

We cover Brandon Manitoba.

We provide service for Fire Extinguisher.

We provide service for Fire Alarm.

We provide service for Fire Suppression.

We provide service for Sprinkler, Backflow, Inspection, Service, Emergency Service. We are retailers of Extinguisher.

Premium Fire Protection

We service Extinguishers, Sprinkler Systems, Alarm Systems, Suppression Systems and Emergency Lights in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Premium extends its services across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We service thousands of privately owned businesses across the provinces and hundreds of corporate retail stores and banks. We currently have 5 offices and several shops fully equipped for recharging.

 Our Products:

“Smoke Detectors save lives” as well as Fire Extinguishers, Alarms, Emergency lights and Suppression Systems.

Our quality products aide in reducing the risk of damage to property and people. Proper precautions are strongly encouraged for your safety and the safety of others.

Recommendations and Advice as to which products are best suited for your property can be found under “Products”.

Our Services:

Inspect and Protect. We serve in order to best protect property and lives against fires.

Installation: First we install any of the select products from above. All installations follow Canadian Fire Code and are precise to best ensure safety.

Inspection: After the protection equipment is installed, it must be inspected regularly as determined by CFC.  “Regularly” varies upon the equipment. ie. ABC  Extinguishers are inspected annually

Parts: Missing a part? Not a problem! We service missing and broken equiptment






Premium Fire Protection, your one stop shop for all Fire Protection Services.

Inspections, Installations Services and Parts for all Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Lights, Fire Alarms, Suppression Systems and Fire Monitoring.

Western Canada with offices in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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