Tips on Reducing False Alarms

False Alarm

Protect what Matters

Once you have a security system installed in your home or business you are responsible for using it correctly and preventing false alarms. False alarms are a big concern for the police, fire industry, and alarm industry. False alarms desensitize neighbors and consume resources which may be needed to respond to genuine emergencies. These costs mean fees may be applicable to false alarms, especially in large cities.

Seven Steps to reducing false alarms

1) Instruct all authorized personnel in the proper use of your alarm system. Call On Guard security and put your alarm system on test to give these users some practice.

2) Make sure your system is programmed with a cancel code. This will allow you to disarm your security system during a false alarm. This will notify the alarm company that an authorized user is on location and that no further action is required.

3) Please make sure all users have the On Guard emergency cards. These are cards that are given to you during installation. If you ever find yourself in need of cards, On Guard Security will gladly send you some new ones. Please make sure all your users are registered with On Guard Security with appropriate passwords.

4) If you do not have a siren on your alarm system please have one installed so that all users will know if an alarm has been set off and can take the appropriate steps to respond.

5) Test your alarm system on a regular basis to make sure it is working properly. We recommend doing this once a month. Before testing your system please call the monitoring station and put your alarm system on test.

6) If your alarm system has a trouble indicator on it or is not working please contact On Guard Security. Try not to arm your system before it has been repaired.

7) Most police departments have some sort of suspension program or fine for false alarms. Please be aware of these programs. If you receive a letter of suspension please notify On Guard Security as soon as possible.