Life Time Warranty Policy Documentation:


Protected for Life


Normally, On Guard warranties only last for 1 year (due to manufacturer standards). The life span of a security system varies, the first year is usually a system’s optimum period of operation. Systems wear down with use and may also short circuit due to electrical storms, water damage, rats nibbling at wires and more.

Stuff happens, and with stuff happening to your system service charges can get pretty high; the cost of an emergency long-distance call out or serious system failure can come as quite a shock.

An On Guard Lifetime Warranty grants the customer free replacement and service to fix their system (providing the causes are legitimate as outlined in the life time warranty policy).

Another perk is that in the event you wear your keypad down (which may happen over time dependent on use) you can use your lifetime warranty policy to ask for a replacement.

For a copy of the life time warranty policy documentation click here.

Please fill out this form and email it to [email protected] or fax it to 1-403-995-1275

News Letter

Twice a year we send groups of customers newsletters, this program is very new and is not fully mobilized and not every customer will get one right off the bat. However, we will have the PDF version of our newsletter on this page including any past newsletters.

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